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  • Blog posts, web articles, landing pages, social media and website content
  • Industry-specific copywriting for marketing and advertising
  • Customer-elevating and traffic-generating SEO content
  • Highly specialized technical writing

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The Situation

The Challenge

High overhead costs

Handy had an immediate need to complement their team with great copywriters for blog articles and other SEO content but didn't want to create overhead to onboard and manage them.

WorkGenius Solution

Supporting your creative needs

By intelligently matching each content creation job to relevant writers, a fully managed team of Geniuses is able to continually support their core team's creative bandwidth by delivering on-brand material on-time.

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“WorkGenius is an amazing platform that saves us a lot of time by connecting us directly with copywriters who consistently deliver high-quality content. It's a great source for fresh copy at a great price!"

Handy, Product Manager
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