<p>SEO/MPO Optimizations for your Amazon Shop</p>

Amazon has become the most important product search engine and the largest online marketplace in the world. This has made it most important to optimize the visibility of your products on Amazon. Various factors can contribute to this to differing degrees. Our SEO-experienced workforce can help you to adjust to the right parameters. Online, fast and at the best conditions.

Why Amazon SEO is so important

Nowadays you can't say e-commerce and SEO without also thinking Amazon. The online marketplace has become the largest player in the business - not only in terms of sales and revenue, but also as a product search engine. More than a third of all search queries now start in the Amazon search field. At the same time there is a very big competition between the various vendors, because as with Google it is the same there: who doesn't end up among the first matches in a corresponding search is hardly noticed or not at all. But many merchants do not know that the ranking at Amazon can be affected very directly by various measures.In general marketplace optimization (MPO) for Amazon has a lot in common with SEO for Google and co. In both systems the main issue is relevance. Google and Amazon want to ensure that the offers most relevant to the user's search query appear at the top of the results. High-quality, unique content optimized with regard to the right keywords is an important basis for both. However, there are also some significant differences when it comes to SEO at Amazon, which we will point out below.Until today little attention has been paid to the fact that SEO can also be performed at Amazon to influence the search result lists. Considering that about 300 million uniqe users search and buy Amazon products every month, it becomes obvious how valuable such measures can be. In addition Amazon has a slightly different target group than Google: those looking for products here are usually also directly interested in buying the same. And that is also the very interest of Amazon itself. The marketplace is mainly focused on one thing: selling products. In addition to its numerous own articles Amazon's many merchants have made it one of the largest online shops worldwide.As Amazon is particularly interested in sales, the chances for a better ranking increase especially if the purchase comes about immediately after a search and the customer is satisfied with the order afterwards. Similar to Google only the first hits of a search query are actually noticed by the searching customers. The search parameters are changed rather than the second result page looked at. To put your products at the top of the search results, there are a few things to consider when using Amazon SEO.

How Amazon SEO works

In a nutshell Amazon SEO/marketplace optimization is also about tweaking a website to match the algorithms given by the platform. Relevance factors such as the optimization of the product title or the keywords play an important role here. However, there are additional components to consider as performance factors such as the vendor rating or the return quote. These also have a decisive influence on the ranking and can be optimized directly and indirectly by you.Factors affecting the Amazon search engine results "onpage"

  1. Relevance
  2. Categorization of the product
  3. keywords
  4. product title
  5. product description
  6. pictures
  7. brand

"offpage" - Performance

  1. availability ratings
  2. conversions
  3. revenue
  4. CTR (click-through rate) and CTS (click-through sale)
  5. dwelling time
  6. vendor rating
  7. prize
  8. sales
  9. rank
  10. return rate

Optimizing the relevance factors is very similar to onpage optimization of classic SEO. Here it is primarily a question of the quality and accuracy of the information presented for each product. Matching product titles, implementation of relevant keywords, high-resolution and appealing images and a concise product description. So onpage optimization is the first starting point for Amazon SEO. It is not unusual to achieve huge improvements in the ranking with just a little effort:

  1. Title (Amazon SEO priority: very high)
  2. Pictures (priority: high)
  3. Bullet Points - also called features or attributes (priority: high)
  4. Meta-keywords (priority: important)
  5. Product description (priority: important)

And what a lot of vendors are not yet aware of: the search results on Amazon can often be influenced even easier than you think. First differences in the ranking are already visible within a few minutes after an optimization.

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