We are the one percent

We here at WorkGenius have a very strict and rigorous recruiting and hiring process, designed to create a very high performing team of IT professionals. At the same time we think it’s important to interact with each other in a relaxed, open environment which initially manifests in interviews being rather casual conversations. This disconnect - conversational interviews on the one side having high expectations on the other - seems to create some confusion among applicants, so we want to take the opportunity to explain to you what we expect from all our coworkers.

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WorkGenius leverages database to also place people onsite in addition to the traditional online freelancing. Due to its large database and technology, positions are filled in less than 48h and only talent with verified skills is staffed. After a successful completion of a series of test phases with key accounts, WorkGenius is taking their AI technology to solve the problem of short-term staffing. Enterprise clients like Amazon, eBay, and Business Insider have found a reliable resource partner in the WorkGenius’s Digital Workforce.

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