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Growth from within @WorkGenius – WorkGenius as employer

by Bianca Scholtz
Daniel Braun, Chief of Staff New York City

This week with Daniel, first US Hire and Chief of Staff at WorkGenius in New York City.

Daniel joined WorkGenius in 2017 right after finishing college. He studied in Germany and the Netherlands and gained some professional experience prior in consulting and venture capital. 

Interviewer: “Daniel, how did you find WorkGenius?”

Daniel: “I conducted my graduation thesis at a company called German Accelerator, a tech hub that helps German startups to expand to the US market, in New York City,. There I was surrounded by many ambitious founders from Europe and got inspired by the spirit and drive most entrepreneurs around me had. One of them was Marlon who just arrived in New York with the mission to expand WorkGenius to the US market. 

Interviewer: “Great. What was your inspiration then to join Marlon on his mission?”

Daniel: “Before coming to New York, I had been certain to join one of the Top 4 Consulting firms and doing my master’s. But when I experienced this energy and drive at the GA in New York, it became clear to me very fast that I wanted to stay in New York and that I wanted to become a founder myself one day. Nevertheless, at that time when I was writing my thesis, I didn’t feel ready yet to build a company myself. 

Before Marlon, I had met quite a few founders throughout my time in New York but Marlon stood out with his ambition, talent, and the vision he had with WorkGenius – changing how the world works. After a couple of pints and several great conversations, I was offered the opportunity to join a startup in its expansion phase and its subsidiary in the US market. I was convinced right away that there was no better chance to grow fast than by building the US subsidiary of WorkGenius and learn from such a talented leader.”

Interviewer: “Did your conviction prove right? Did you actually grow as fast as you anticipated?

Daniel: “Absolutely. WorkGenius provides an incredible growth opportunity for me since day 1. I’ve learned first-hand what it means to operate in a rapidly changing environment, to fail, to pivot, to manage a team early in my career, to master something you have never done before, and to constantly work on improving yourself as well as the business.

From 2018 to now, we scaled the US team up to almost 20 employees. After less than three years, I got promoted to Chief of Staff to the CEO. This offers me the incredible opportunity to support Marlon at managing a global 75-employee-team, steer operations, and coordinate strategic initiatives.”

Interviewer: “What do you think about the growth opportunities at WorkGenius?”

Daniel: “One of our core values is self-development and we actually live it. We know that good talent is scarce and talented people are mostly attracted by growth, hence, we do all we can to support growth and promote from within. I’m just one of the examples of a fast promotion but there are plenty more. We offer training sessions on a weekly basis for every employee, presentation opportunities, and support outside training if an employee wishes to acquire reasonable skills on the side.

What I love most is that everybody here, and I really mean everybody, has an actual growth mindset and that we all care about each other’s progress. This leads to a constant growth platform where everybody is sharing great podcasts, supporting workout or morning routines, or helping each other out proactively.“

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