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Listening to your client is everything

Till date, over 5,000 enterprise clients have utilized WorkGenius' AI enabled freelance platform to complete digital tasks such as copy writing, software development, and data enrichment. Continuously improving the platform’s capabilities and services, the company is now able to match any task to the right expert in only 30 minutes on average. Being in business for over 5 years allowed WorkGenius to gather 3 billion valuable data points on over 300,000 top talents worldwide. And while working closely together with so many top class companies, the customer success team continuously collected feedback on new challenges and problems. With the ambition to always achieve the client’s goals, WorkGenius follows a complete customer-centered approach. Becoming part of a client’s team is a key resource for them to understand where to steer the company in the future. Since feedback continuously showed the need for on-site staff, we decided to integrate horizontally. Specific projects simply required immediate response and the value of live feedback and collaboration was key.

A tested and proven staffing solution

In a first trial run, their long-term and loyal clients, Amazon successfully utilized the AI algorithm to fill on-site positions. Multiple vetted data experts across several locations were sourced out of the company’s 300,000 experts-strong talent pool. Within 48 hours, the sourcing process was completed and the data experts started working on-site. Based on the initial kickoff project, the company till date has run tests for over 100 companies solving on-site staffing

Key learnings:

The most valuable component was added to by the AI algorithm which allowed to break down the time to hire to 48 hours where it previously had taken weeks. The unprecedented speed allowed clients to react to unexpected events a lot more flexible. Through the incredible fast up and down-sizing of teams they were able to immediately capitalize on opportunities and prevent negative events from growing too big. Clients continued to state the reliability and expressed their trust into our skill vetting process. Workers always exceeded employers expectations and projects were completed beyond expectations. The pre-existing fortune 500 compliance guarantee was also very well received. The ability to have full trust into short-term staff allowed clients to focus on the essentials and get started with projects right away instead of conducting time consuming background- and work eligibility checks.

Key learnings broken down:

  • Unprecedented speed
    • Reduced staffing time to 48h hours time to hire instead of weeks
  • Skill vetted experts
    • Verified job completion history
    • Assessment center completion
    • Filtering based on skill level
  • Care free compliance guarantee (certified by PWC)
    • Personal interviews
    • Employer reference check
    • Employment Eligibility
    • Criminal background check (Upon request)
    • Drug tests (Upon request)

You are next

WorkGenius is now rolling out the tested on-site staffing solution to portfolio prospects in the United States. Is your company also struggling with filling high skilled short-term on-site staffing? Reach out us today and talk to a staffing expert.