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Your e-mail address helps us maintain WorkGenius’ talent verification standards. Typically, we do not allow user modifications. In exceptional circumstances, please reach out to our support team regarding your specific request.

You will no longer be able to use your student account after graduation. To continue working on WorkGenius, please create a new freelancer account and remember to include your former student login as your new username.

If you have applied as a student, you are required to verify your account through your university e-mail. In special circumstances, please reach out to support team regarding your specific request.

Please make sure that you have correctly entered your university’s email domain. If that’s already the case, please contact Support. To accelerate this process, please include the full name of your university and your Uni-Mail address in your message.

Our technology allows us to conduct efficient and thorough reviews of our Genius applicants on a rolling basis. This process is normally completed within five business days. Freelancers who include their relevant skillsets help us facilitate this process and we’ll tend to review those applications first. Please make sure your experience is verifiable and described thoroughly.


If you have deactivated your account, please contact the support team. If your account has been saved due to several missed deadlines and you can’t understand this decision, please contact our support team.
If your rating is below 1 you have missed your chances and cannot reactivate your account.

Respect is one of our core values and an expectation on our platform. After 2 missed deadlines within 6 months, your account will automatically be suspended for the same period.

Any other behavior that violates WorkGenius’ policies, including duplicating your Genius profiles, will be blocked indefinitely from the platform.

You can deactivate your account in your settings at any time. For legal purposes, client interactions and submitted work will be stored on the platform.


Manage Account

If your physical address changes, you can update it within your WorkGenius profile, and it will automatically be stored in Hyperwallet.

You can always change your address, phone number, and payment information by navigating to “Edit Profile” from within the platform.


Hyperwallet has an ongoing verification process to prevent fraud and to keep its users’ information up to date.

All tax-related questions should be referred to a tax advisor. It’s not uncommon for users to confuse their Tax ID with their Sales Tax ID.

All tax-related questions should be referred to a tax advisor.

All tax-related questions should be referred to a tax advisor.

Payment General

Your payment will be transferred as soon as your client accepts your job submission. Your Hyperwallet may take up to 48 hours to reflect the transfer.

To prevent fraud and maintain reliability in your payments, Hyperwallet requires 2 different forms of personal documentation from users. One will help verify your identity, and the other will help confirm your provided physical address.

After you successfully completed your first job, you will receive an e-mail to activate your Hyperwallet account. It will require personal documentation to verify your identity.

The payment for your work is facilitated via Hyperwallet. Once your job results are accepted, the agreed-upon amount will automatically be transferred into your Hyperwallet.

You can transfer your Hyperwallet funds to your preferred bank account and expect to have access to those within 48 hours.


Job Handling

You must unlock the reservation feature by successfully completing orders for the same client. Once the client unlocks the feature, you will be able to reserve jobs from them.

No. You cannot start another job until you have submitted the results for your most recent job.

If you need to resign from a job, you can only do within the first 15 minutes without negatively impacting your rating.

We understand that there may be circumstances that will require resigning past that window, however, this will affect your rating.

Ideally, the job briefing will avoid the need for additional questions. As long as you carefuly follow the job briefing, your work can be justified.

In the case that there is information missing that is essential to completing the job, please contact Support.

Clients normally accept jobs within 2-3 business days, although complex jobs that require careful evaluation may require more time.

Geniuses are paid within 48 hours of their results being accepted.

By using our advanced filtering, you can easily find jobs that fit your preferences. Make sure to update your skills under the performance tab in order to impove your job suggestions.

Please remember to always check if you have enough time to complete the job. Missed deadlines will worsen your rating and can result in account suspension.


Since starting a job relies on you being able to submit results on time, we’d suggest that you avoid starting jobs when you expect anything to interfere with that.

Results must be submitted before the deadline to guarantee that they won’t be automatically rejected and passed onto another Genius.

Unfortunately, requesting additional time due to sickness will be at your client’s discretion and WorkGenius cannot guarantee that an extension will be granted.

Results must be submitted before the deadline to guarantee that they won’t be automatically rejected and passed onto another Genius.

Before starting a job, you should ensure that you have enough to complete it based on the estimated delivery time.

Results must be submitted before the deadline to guarantee that they won’t be automatically rejected and passed onto another Genius.


The right to your work will be transferred once your job results are accepted. If this policy is abused by a client, legal action will be taken.

If you choose to not accept a client’s revision request, your job will be automatically rejected. It will be considered a failed job and will be automatically passed on to another Genius.

If the client rejects your submission, it will be considered as a failed job. Your rating will be negatively affected, however, you retain the rights to your results. Your client cannot use your work without your explicit permission.

Skills & Rating

Missed deadlines are considered failed jobs. The job will automatically be assigned to another Genius and your rating will be impacted negatively.

After 2 missed deadlines within a 6-month period, your account will automatically be suspended for 6 months.

Your Average Job Rating is straightforward and refers solely to the arithemetic mean of your completed jobs.

Your Account Rating takes into other factors, such as response time and the level complexity of those completed jobs.

In order to allow access to jobs that require specific language competency, WorkGenius uses language tests to determine your level of fluency.

Your performance as a Genius will be continually reviewed by your client after each job you complete. You’ll be evaluated on the speed of job delivery, quality of job results, and the overall satisfaction of your clients.

After each successful job, you’ll notice an increase in your rating. Missed deadlines and rejected jobs will lead to worsened ratings and potential account suspension.

By using our advanced filtering, you can easily sort jobs by compensation. Your earning potential will increase as you grow your rating through succesfully completing available jobs.

Make sure to update your skills under the performance tab in order to impove your job suggestions.

Please make sure that your profile and skill information fully reflects your preferences and capabilities. This helps WorkGenius better identify the jobs that are more likely to be interesting to you.

Your Client

If there’s a need to have direct communication with a customer, please contact Support.

WorkGenius was built to make it convenient to match jobs to the right talent. We designed our platform to remove biases involved in that process. Anonymity allows our Geniuses to remain focused on the tasks and our clients to solely assess their results.

Your Account

Before the first job, you must have filled out your profile and your invoice data completely. If you’d like to receive a notification as soon as a job is available, simply check off the box in your profile.



In order to keep our pricing consistent, we’ve decided to pay freelancers by the hours estimated for each job.

Your Geniuses will get paid automatically into their secure Hyperwallet after you accept their submitted results.

You will receive an invoice via email after a job has been successfully completed.

You can access past documentation under the Invoices tab in your settings.

Invoices are generated automatically and will only be modified retroactively in exceptional cases.

Please make sure that you’re billing information is complete.

We can adapt payments to our clients’ needs, however, the majority of users choose credit card or bank transfer options.


Briefing Knowledge

Style refers to the writer’s choice of diction, sentence structure, literary techniques, and use of rhythm.

Tone refers to the writer’s attitude toward his/her story and to the reader.

For a programming job, answer the following questions in advance:

  • Can the tasks be completed without further questions?
  • What should the digital result look like?
  • In which language should it be done?

Note that you cannot contact the Genius directly and that self-service programming jobs only make sense up to a certain complexity.

In graphic design projects, the following briefing details have proven helpful to your Genius’ success:
– Resolution
– Source File
– Digital or Print
– Usage
– Examples of Similar Content

In survey projects, the following briefing details have proven helpful to your Genius’ success:
– Topic
– Number of Questions
– Short Answer or Multiple Choice
– Audience

In data entry projects, the following briefing details have proven helpful to your Genius’ success:
– Access to Specific Platforms
– Formatting Changes
– Value Changes

In editing projects, the following briefing details have proven helpful to your Genius’ success:
– Topic
– Word Count
– Style and Tone
– Grammar/Spelling and/or Logic Errors

In transcription projects, the following briefing details have proven helpful to your Genius’ success:
– Audio or Video
– Single Speaker or Multi-Speaker
– Level of Audio Interference
– Preferred Time Stamp Format

In content creation projects, the following briefing details have proven helpful to your Genius’ success:
– Topic
– Word Count
– Style and Tone
– Audience
– Keywords
– Depth of Research Required
– Examples of Similar Content

In translation projects, the following briefing details have proven helpful to your Genius’ success:
– Fluency level required
– Word Count
– Literal Translation or Paraphrasing
– Regional Audience

Your job briefing title should ideally include the following abridged information, including topic, length, and task.

Example: Translation – Blog EN-FR – 600 Words on Sailing

Job Creation

With some projects, you may not be able to estimate how much time is need to complete tasks. In that case, you can choose a flexible remuneration and set a maximum budget. So when a Genius submits their project result, they have to indicate how long they’ve worked on it and cannot exceed your maximum budget. As soon as the Genius submits the result and the number of hours, you will be able to verify the data. If the Genius has repeatedly made inconclusive statements about their working hours in previous jobs, you will receive a message telling you to review the time carefully. Geniuses who repeatedly give false information about their working hours will be removed from the platform.

If you’re running into similar jobs, consider building a template. When creating future jobs, you’ll have the ability to make small changes to existing job briefings and post quickly.

If you’re running into larger project demands, contact Customer Success to explain our Bulk Upload feature.


Our projects make the most sense when the work can be completed independently. As long as the briefing is clear and has the relevant information attached, it will be matched to the most qualified Genius for the job.

The platform makes it very convenient to tackle larger jobs whenever they can easily be divided by section or skill sets. This allows multiple Geniuses to work on the same project simultaneously and accelerate its timeline.


Revisions are the best time to give your Geniuses the chance to refine your initial submission and provide you with the quality results you can expect on WorkGenius.

When making a revision request, please remember that the details you provide in your feedback are vital to your freelancer optimizing his results. Additional work cannot be assigned if it’s deemed out of the scope of the original job.

If you’re not fully satisfied with your initial results, you can always request a revision request and provide feedback on what you need to be improved. Your Geniuses will be instantly alerted and deliver your new results.

Please understand that our Geniuses are still prone to human error and occasionally take subjective decisions based on their interpretation of your briefing.

If you’re still not satisfied with your results, you have the rarely employed option of rejecting your job results and leave your Genius unpaid.

You can request work in any format that your results require. Our platform will suggest commonly selected file formats that are consistent with the type of work that you request.


Billed Working Time: These are the active hours of work that you will be paying for.

Total Working Time: This is the available time that Geniuses have to submit their results back to you.

Deadline: This is the length of time that your Job Posting will stay active on the platform.

Most of our jobs are matched within 30 minutes, however, there are certain factors of your briefing that can delay that.

Please ensure that your compensation and deadline are in line with our suggested rates and delivery time. Review your briefing and make sure that you aren’t missing any details or documentation that would prevent someone external from working independently.

Your Geniuses

The three different tiers of talent, Junior, Mid-Level, and Senior, refer directly to their performance on the WorkGenius platform.

Senior Geniuses have demonstrated consistently strong performance in previous jobs and demand higher compensation due to that expertise and reliability.

WorkGenius does not facilitate the full-time employment of our Geniuses — We admire their right to work independently.

The WorkGenius platform solely offers the services made possible by our community of freelancers.

Usually, there is no need to contact the Genius if your briefing is precise and detailed enough. If you have received a result but aren’t completely satisfied with it, use the feedback function in the course of the revision request.

The fastest Genius to accept the job can start working on it right away. You can also have the job done by another Genius if you have it saved as a template. Don’t forget to mention in your briefing that the job can only be done if it has not been done before.

The technology we use makes the use of other applications unnecessary. The only thing you have to do is create a detailed and informative briefing. Your job will then be matched to the right Genius.

Expert Teams


If you are already using a freelancer that you like to work with outside of WorkGenius, you can invite him to the platform by using our BYOF feature.

Bring Your Own Freelancer allows you to manage the work you may want to assign to a direct relationship within the WorkGenius platform.


You will automatically be given a notification if your Expert Geniuses cannot be matched to your task within 60 hours.

At that point, you can opt to have that job auto-matched to the general WorkGenius talent pool.

In the rare case that your first job attempt wasn’t successful, our platform will automatically assign that to a Genius that is better matched for the task.

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