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WorkGenius releases feature to guarantee predictable income without losing flexibility

by Ornella
WorkGenius releases feature to guarantee predictable income without losing flexibility

Overcoming your freelance nightmares

We heard the battle cries. We listened. We took notes. And even more, we went through your #freelancehorrorstories and are sending you virtual hugs because remember this: you are nothing less than a Genius. WorkGenius prides itself in providing freelancers the mobility, freedom, and flexibility they deserve all conveniently located on one platform. We take care of everything for our members so they can start working right away without the hassle of proposals, invoices, or fees. Our freelancers inspire us to shatter standards, take away their freelance nightmares and innovate to give them the best experience possible on our platform. So we made a conscious effort to go back the drawing board, work with our talented team of engineers, and create something we know you’re going to love.

Introducing, our new Reservation feature, available exclusively to Geniuses everywhere. If the name didn’t already give it away, our freelancers now have the exciting opportunity to reserve project-based jobs ahead of time to guarantee a more stable source of income. We’re proud to be the only digital workforce solution that offers project reservations to freelancers.

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“Freelancing provides unprecedented flexibility. However, when the rest of the world is not so flexible, WorkGenius bridges the gap and allows freelancers to reserve projects, creating income predictability and allows companies to gain a better picture when their favorite freelancers are available. We have seen a 300% increase in activity on our client projects.”

-Founder and CEO; Marlon Litz-Rosenzweig

How it works

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Our reservation feature is incredibly easy to navigate.

  1. Open up your dashboard and look for jobs with the green tag, labeled “Reservations available.” These are select jobs lined up and ready for reservation.
  2. Next, you’ll want to successfully complete a short sample of the work so our AI technology can assess and determine if you’re qualified to reserve other jobs within the project. Don’t worry, you’ll get paid for any samples you complete!
  3. From there we’ll notify you when you’ve been assessed and you’ll be given jobs within a bundle, available for reservation.
  4. You can then reserve a bundle size of your choosing, depending on your availability.
  5. Receive a completion bonus for successful jobs.

Pro Genius Tip: For every new project bundle you’ll have to complete a sample batch so if you’d like to work on different projects make sure to complete batches in succession

Core Benefits

Not only can Geniuses maintain the same work flexibility as before but now they can manage their money and time better. Everything from that vacation next month to the apartment bills due in a week, we take away those financial burdens from you and enable you to work on your own terms.

  • Predictability: By planning jobs ahead of time, Genius are able to rely on freelancing to help pay for future expenses and never have to worry about finding their next gig again.
  • Quality: Clients hit the jackpot with our reservation feature by only working with Geniuses proven to successfully complete a job, guaranteeing quality work.
  • Economies of Scale: As Geniuses reserve more jobs within a project bundle, they become more efficient and complete jobs faster which improves project turnaround for the client. In fact, Geniuses have been 300% more productive on the platform after the reservation feature was launched in Europe.

WorkGenius’ mission is to empower people to work and we do this by providing our freelancers with the best experience to help them succeed. We promise to never say no, to take the road less taken by, and find solutions when no one else will. If you’re ready to join the digital workforce of the future sign up with WorkGenius today: www.workgenius.com 

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