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Mylittlejob graduates and becomes WorkGenius

Provide equal opportunities to talent

When Daniel and I founded the company we had the vision to shape the future of work. Our initial idea was to provide talented students from all around the globe - no matter which ethnicity, race, or origin - with the equal opportunity to do meaningful work. Our personal experience showed that many students have little opportunity to unfold their talent. Burger flipping and waiting tables do not really advance your career.

Revolutionize freelance management

The talent pool we gathered and the technology we developed revolutionizes project work and is most appreciated by our clients because it simplifies freelancer management significantly. Therefore, we decided during the US expansion in 2017 to open up our platform to freelancers of all kinds and even let our clients on-board their own freelancers.

Helping our clients into the future of work

Meanwhile, we have more than 300,000 freelancers working for 5,000 clients in Europe and the USA. Also, our job "sizes" are far from little and so our clients. To reflect the development and prepare ourselves for the great future ahead, from next week onward, we will adopt the name WorkGenius.

We will also expand our service offerings in the near future under the WorkGenius brand. We will continue to stand for freelancing for enterprises with high, constant quality, constant pricing, and Fortune500 compliance.

Any feedback is welcome and has been decisive for our success so far.

The bright Future of Work is awaiting us. Let's embrace it together.

Marlon and Daniel

Founders of MylittleJob, now WorkGenius