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You want to enhance your online shop with category descriptions? They will make it much easier for your visitors to find their way around, provides additional information and creates space for individual and helpful content. Our digital workforce of qualified freelancers from various disciplines is at your disposal around the clock. Online, fast and at the best conditions.

Category descriptions - improve the user experience on your website

Category texts are an indispensable element for truly good online shops. The categories precede, sort and collect the individual products and thus contribute significantly to the shopping experience of your visitors and customers. They should therefore take a high priority within the texting efforts of your website. Since the category texts are the first point of contact, they should always provide the necessary information to help your customers find the desired products and find their way around the different sections of your shop. Both your customers and your search engine rankings will thank you.

Your category descriptions should not only provide an explanation of the product category itself, but also create added value for your customers in terms of content. In addition to the featured products and possible subcategories, you can for example inform about special features or innovations of the respective category or relate them to your shop's portfolio. You can also inform about known manufacturers or applications. Of course, it must be ensured that the information provided remains comprehensible depending on the target group and does not become too specific or professional. It also makes sense to structure all category texts in the same manner so that visitors to your website can find their way around easily and conveniently. Compared to the descriptions of your products, which are supposed to be as short and precise as possible, category texts can be more extensive as long as they do not overwhelm the reader and disturb the overall structure and appearance of your website too much.

In general category descriptions offer two advantages: Your customers can inform themselves comprehensively about your offer and find their way around your website. This applies even more, the larger your assortment is. At the same time, the category texts offer an excellent opportunity to include keywords relevant to you and your customers as well as internal links and thus improve your SEO ranking.

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