Freelancer code of conduct

The Freelancer code of conduct, that are the five golden rules for the Digital Workforce. Before we automatically match you with opportunities you have to pass our initial online screening test (see FAQs for more infos).
If you conform to these five rules you are all set for a successful time working on WorkGenius. In consequence this will have a positive effect on your rating and income on WorkGenius.

  • Deadlines matter

    Our clients, ranging from corporations to experts, entrust you with their tasks. Often these tasks are bound to a deadline i.e. the last possible delivery date. Additionally each job has a respective time for completion, i.e. the amount of time you have to work on the task. It is essential that you respect both time ranges. Work that is handed in late will generally not be accepted. Furthermore it will lead to a reduction in your ranking and in some cases to your expulsion from WorkGenius.

  • Quality of work

    No matter whether a job is an additional verification round, you are always expected to deliver results in the best possible quality. Our client's satisfaction is essentially dependent on the quality of your work. In order to provide you with the best jobs in the future, please make sure to deliver only high quality results today.

  • Anticipating expectations

    See the 'bigger picture'. If you accept a job you should think about: What is the result used for? How and in what quality should it be if I was the client? Try to see it from the clients perspective. This way you can make sure to create the results desired by the client, while assuring to receive a high rating for your work.

  • No plagiarism

    The No-No! Fragments of text that do not have their sources quoted are plagiarisms, even when the original text is your own. All submitted text go through a plagiarism check before it is sent out to the client. If this test should turn out positive, then it will lead to your immediate expulsion from WorkGenius. Plagiarism is illegal by law and will not be tolerated by WorkGenius.

  • We are always here to help

    There are no dumb questions. If you need our help with a job then reach out to us. Please make sure that you always provide us with your username and the exact job title. No matter your reason for contacting us, please ensure to state the problems as factual as possible. Insults, hate, racism and similar contents won't be answered and can lead to your immediate expulsion from WorkGenius.