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Content is king. Quality content is even better. Product descriptions, category descriptions, SEO content for fashion, lifestyle, technical and medical fields as well as political commentary are in our repertoire. Content is created and verified by two separate experts to give you maximum quality and speed through simultaneous workflows. All content can easily be translated through our smart workflow tool.

Content creation with WorkGenius

Due to the enormous importance of optimized texts and content, it is advisable to seek professional advice and support for your texting efforts - or to entrust the entire process to experienced professionals. Our Digital Workforce has already gained extensive experience in copywriting for numerous companies from various branches. You too can benefit from the expertise of our texting experts from a wide variety of disciplines.

Of course, our copywriters will stick to your specifications regarding the desired text category, the purpose, the target group and the desired content. The only requirement is a meaningful job description in which you define all relevant key data and success criteria. Our intuitive and user-friendly briefing generator will help you with individual orders. For large projects our project management team is also on hand to take care of all the steps from job setup to delivery of the results.

You can use our service for various types of text creation: from the classic rewriting as copywriting, to the reformulation, extension or shortening of existing texts, to editing and SEO optimization. In addition to texts optimized for your website, you can also order other types of text, such as eBooks, newsletters and letters, mailings and press releases, speeches/presentations and lectures, reviews as well as technical and specialist texts.

Frequently ordered text categories

Case Study: Content Creation

08:00 PM

08:00 PM: Post the Job:

Within three minutes you publish the task through our intuitive interface. Necessary information such as word count, tonality, topic, format, etc. is captured. You upload the necessary files and pick the most convenient payment method. The task is then automatically assigned to a qualified expert.

10:00 PM

10:00 PM: Our algorithm successfully matched the job to an expert:

The task will be picked up by experts that our technology identified as the perfect match. Now you can focus on the remaining tasks on your to-do list, without wasting your time on this research task or worrying about timely delivery and quality concerns.

11:00 AM

11:00 AM: Delivery, check and acceptance of result:

The experts have finished writing your content. As requested, further experts now verify the results and correct it should there be any discrepancies to the desired format. Afterwards, you are notified that the results are ready to download from your dashboard.

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We deliver final results so you wont have to manage various experts. We deliver the results per your request, covering a diverse range of services. We make sure results are delivered on time and according to your quality standards, so you can manage your projects successfully.

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