Digital Workforce for eCommerce

AI enabled freelancing for eCommerce shops that are looking for a new growth partner. With WorkGenius you can scale up fast. We provide capacity without burdening your payroll.

Reinventing your core to let you create more value. By engaging over 250,000 vetted experts with an Artificial intelligence, we process resource-intensive projects fast - still keeping an excellent quality standard.

With our holistic approach tailored to eCommerce, we create an end-to-end journey, from analyzing your workforce, over bringing in benchmarks from over 5,000 clients, to actually implementing solutions with our pragmatic approach to success. Are you ready to scale up fast?

Establish Organic Revenue Growth

The journey of most of your customers starts at search engines. The top three search results in search engines receive 70% of the traffic. It's essential to capture most of this traffic.To funnel the right audience to your site, your homepage needs to be search engine optimized and especially high-quality content is key. Receive stellar results with our holistic partnership approach including the whole bandwidth of SEO - from Consulting, Audit, to the actual Content Creation.We offer an A to Z service to avoid redundancies, and ensure highest efficiency. However, we are flexible to plug into wherever you are in the journey of reaching SEO perfectionism.

  • eCommerce Consulting (Benchmarking, Audience Assessment, etc.)
  • Website-Analysis (Keyword Research, Site & Link Audit, etc.)
  • Implement SEO Measures (Sitemaps, URL structure, etc.)
  • Content Creation & SEO Optimization (PDP, blog posts, Social Media, etc.)

Drive Conversion Rates

Without an extraordinary website performance, a high percentage of potential customers get lost. Depending on what kind of brand you want to established, the user experience must be perfectly tailored and seamless for the respective audience.By having a high percentage of your target audience on site and pampering them with an excellent buying experience, your conversion rates will reach new heights. To outperform competitors, you must be on top of every norm, and having no internal resource is no excuse.We help increase site speed by editing and optimizing product images, perfect functionality by tagging and mining product filter functions and attributes, and enrich product data for building the perfect user experience.

  • Image Editing, Sourcing & Optimization
  • Filter Tagging & Attribute Mining
  • Product Data Enrichment
  • Item Categorization

Case-Study: how to increase organic traffic by 212% in 14 days

Day 1

Day 1: Kick-off

WorkGenius engages Stakeholders, defines KPIs, and assesses Tools to determine the scope as well as the regulations & requirements of the project.

Day 2

Day 2: Set up Expert Team

WorkGenius builds a dedicated expert team that has expertise in the service and in the client's industry.

Day 3-13

Day 3-13: Content Creation

WorkGenius provides verified, high-quality content, ready to be displayed. Our Premium Concierge Service ensures no effort for the Client.

Day 14

Day 14: Result Delivery

WorkGenius delivers verified, high-quality results, ready to be displayed. Upon choosing, the data may be integrated it into the CMS right away.

Day 90

Day 90: Performance Review

Unique content usually leads to a significant organic traffic increase, having stellar results of more than 200% growth. This increase in traffic on-site results in a significant and organic online revenue growth.

You are in Great Company

Are you looking for a Growth Partner?

We serve thousands of customers ranging from small to large eCommerce companies - retailers from mobile-first, to brick and mortal, online marketplaces, and eCommerce all-stars - from different industries with digital and physical products.

We support our clients with product descriptions, SEO content, blog posts, social media posts, landing pages, product reviews and e-books. We create an SEO experience to establish organic revenue growth.

We also enrich and maintain product item data, tag filters and mine attributes, translate entire shops in a matter of days and edit images to ensure a consistent user experience in eCommerce shops. WorkGenius is your All-in-one Solution, your one-stop shop.

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