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Tasks and Jobs


Every student enrolled at a university, college or vocational college can register. We require a valid and active university email-address. If you are unable to register because your email cannot be recognised, then please get in touch. We will then add your university to our database.

If your university does not provide an email address, you can get in touch with us at info@mylittlejob.de. Please don’t forget to provide proof of your matriculation at the university so we can check that you really are a student at this university. We will then add your private email address to our personal database. In case your university assigns students email address and you have forgotten yours and can therefore no longer log in, please get in touch with the relevant person at your university. As long as there is an email address for your university in the Mylittlejob system, we cannot accept private email addresses.

Because of certain settings for university internet servers, it can sometimes take up to 24 hours to receive the activation link. In case you haven’t received the email with the link, please send an email to info@mylittlejob.de from your university email. If it’s the same email as the one in our system then we can manually activate your account.

Use the “forgotten password” function to set a new password, which will appear when you have failed to log in successfully. If this doesn’t work, send an email to info@mylittlejob.de and we’ll let you set a new password.

The company can only see your username. We don’t think any other information is relevant; it’s the quality of your work that counts.

Are there any consequences for not being active on the platform for any given time?

Tasks and Jobs

Once you have passed the setting test, the first jobs are automatically available for you. The more jobs you succeed, the higher your star rating and more of a variety of jobs are offered.

The internal evaluation system on Mylittlejob is subject to an algorithm. This takes into account the number, the quality and the evaluation of the jobs completed by you. In addition, your personal assessment includes whether you have jobs expired. This is only tolerated once. Second time a job is missed, you will be excluded from participating on the platform.

All jobs visible are posted by companies not Mylittlejob. We assume no responsibility for the description, deadline or compensation of each job nor the job itself. Companies rate the results you submit and any request for revision is triggered by the company posting the job.

In rare cases, clients do forget to attach the relevant files. Please, ignore those jobs and do not start working on them or cancel them right away. Our system will detect this and reach out to the clients automatically. Please, excuse any inconvenience.

If you do not do a job in time, your rating will be reduced by one star. If you miss a second deadline, you will be excluded from participating in the Academic Workforce on Mylittlejob.