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Purposes and advantages of how-to articles

In recent years the Internet has become the most widely used medium for information research and the online trade also accounts for a steadily growing share of total sales in many sectors. Not only is there a high demand, but also competition among companies. It is therefore important to be distinguishable from the mass of competitors for the favour of customers. At the same time traditional consultation possibilities of the stationary trade are obsolete on the web. A good way of counteracting these restrictions is by providing advice texts that can be easily integrated into any website.

For any questions about products and specific problems more and more customers are looking for advice and help online. Besides relevant webforums, advice texts are frequently consulted. Comprehensibly illustrating a topic they are particularly valuable when they provide concrete answers to a question or comprehensibly solve a problem. By doing so you can offer real added value to your readers and potential customers, which they are sure to remember the next time they are looking for help, products or services. Guidebook texts can fulfill various purposes. They can present products or services and thus make it easier for customers to compare them with similar offers. They can provide assistance with industry-specific questions and act as a step-by-step guide to solve a problem. Basically there are no thematic limits to the use of advice texts.

Of course, this also has many advantages for you and your company. You can counteract the inaccessibility of many offers on the Internet and take over the role of a conventional counselling consultation. This allows you, for example, to reduce uncertainties regarding the quality or functionality of a product and to convince more customers to buy, which is particularly useful in cases of difficult or financially larger purchase decisions. At the same time you underline your own professional competence with helpful guides, build confidence in your company and can skilfully develop a reputation as an expert in your discipline. This is how you convince new customers and retain them for the long term. This applies to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations and also self-employed persons.

In addition guide texts are an excellent tool for unobtrusive content marketing and SEO optimization of your website and can cover the relevant keywords for you. This will not only satisfy your customers, but also the search engines and thus increase the organic reach of your Internet presence and thus the awareness about your company. Readers naturally have particularly high expectations of guidebook texts and certainly draw conclusions about the quality of the provider from these. For this reason some basic things should always be taken into account when writing advice texts.

What makes a good how-to articles

Good how-to articles texts have a high information value, should be as timelessly valid as possible or should be kept up to date accordingly. It is important not to adopt an advertising character. These function is fulfilled by other text categories such as landing page texts. First of all you should advise the readers and in the best case let them come up with the idea to take advantage of your offer on their own. The foundation for good advice texts is a comprehensive research to ensure that no relevant aspect of the topic is ignored or even misrepresented. Because one thing is particularly important in the case of advice texts: They must keep their promises!

Throughout their entire structure guide texts are designed to cover a more or less complex topic in a comprehensible way and thus fill gaps in the readers' knowledge. At the same time a positive writing should always be kept in order to avoid giving the reader a feeling of being taught from above. Formally good advice texts are characterised by short and concise formulations, a clear and comprehensible structure and, if possible, supporting illustrations. Subheadings, summaries and lists of key items make it easier for the reader to understand the usually longer texts. If desired you can also provide sources or further literature with which your readers can obtain further information. It would be best to provide these yourself and thus develop your own extensive range of how-to articles on all the possible questions of your target group.

Due to the high level of competition advice texts must not only be professionally and comprehensibly written. They must also stand out from other sites through unique content in order to be recognized as high-quality texts and be ranked accordingly.

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