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You would like to have fresh, fine-tuned texts on your landing pages to address your customers in a target-oriented manner, gain their trust and thus improve your conversion rates? Take advantage of the diverse experience and expertise of our digital workforce. Online, fast and at the best conditions.

What to be aware of writing landing page texts

A well designed landing page is often the very first step to a successful conversion. They are usually rather extensive, especially well optimized for search engines. On these websites you want to convey your message, inspire your visitors to continue reading and ideally to act or even better to buy. In short: landing pages serve the acquisition of customers and are time and cost saving - assuming you follow a few rules. An important element of every landing page are, of course, appropriately optimized texts with which you have to address your target group in a specific way and convince them of yourself.Users usually access landing pages via ads or generically generated hits in search results that seem to meet their needs and have aroused their interest. It is therefore particularly important to be able to satisfy these needs, i.e. to actually provide the expected or promised information, problem solutions and interaction possibilities. It is extremely important for landing pages that every word fits. You usually have little time to get the attention of your visitors. Poor texts can be a real drawback and endanger your goal of getting potential customers to take the desired action.Therefore a strong entry is very important. The reader must be immediately drawn into the topic, preferably already with a meaningful headline. Avoid long pre-stories and start directly with the arguments for your product and the needs it meets. In general you should always write your landing page texts as short as you can and as long as you need to. It is helpful to express your arguments as precisely as possible and to structure your text clearly and comprehensibly so that your readers lose the thread. To do this you should avoid unnecessary details, avoid using filler words and generally write short sentences. Because clarity and precision of your expressions and arguments are very important. You must not cast any doubt on your product, nor confuse the reader through too complicated or contradictory formulations, as in most cases this will lead directly to the discontinuation of the hoped-for purchase process.Imagine your customers' situation and describe how your product can help them meet their needs or solve their problems. You can try to address positive emotions. However you should not push it too far and should always remain credible. Otherwise it can also quickly lead to a loss of confidence.

Pros of landing page texts

It will definitely pay off to invest the necessary time and budget into the texts for your landing pages. They allow you to address the needs of your potential customers, to satisfy them and to show that your company is the right partner. They serve the user engagement, the image management and the advertisement for your products. A good landing page will contribute significantly to a successful conversion if you manage to convince your customers with the right text.

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