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studied Marketing at the University of Oxford

I discovered Mylittlejob through an ad on a social network. The idea of avoiding protracted application processes and being able to earn money quickly and easy intrigued me. At first you are required to complete an assessment test to check whether your qualifications are suitable for the platform. The test is challenging, however it won't be impossible for any student to pass. The personal profile has a five-star ad. Initially, only jobs that have been marked with an asterisk by the employer can be accepted. If a job is submitted, the client checks and evaluates it. With every positive rating in the form of stars, the rating increases. This allows for more complex jobs to be accepted. I like the evaluation system as it provides an incentive to deliver good performances in order to be able to handle more demanding jobs.

With all the variation of jobs, you will never be bored. Sometimes new jobs with well known companies are posted. I personally select jobs with product descriptions as I find them to be the most fun. Since I studied marketing it's easy for me to apply my studies to these jobs.

The jobs are the most suitable to me and I enjoy getting good feedback from the companies. This feedback helps me improve my marketing skills. That's why I am always accepting jobs for translation and product descriptions for online shops.

Mylittlejob was also the proud sponsor of my new laptop. As I was working on my thesis I accidentally spilled coffee on it. Although it was incredibly annoying, I was comforted with the fact I could work some additional hours with Mylittlejob and save enough money to buy a new one. I was able to do this in just a month, while working on my thesis!


Studied Economics at University of Cambridge

I discovered through an ad in a well-known social network. The idea of ​​avoiding protracted application processes and earning money quickly and easily with my own skills had aroused my interest. The website immediately made a positive impression on me. The page is clearly structured and makes it possible to get familiar with the platform quickly.

At the beginning, a test has to be completed, in which it is checked whether one has the required qualifications. The test is challenging, but should not be a huge obstacle for a student. The personal profile has a five-star ad. Initially, only jobs that have been marked with an asterisk by the employer can be accepted. If a job is submitted, the client checks and evaluates it. With every positive rating in the form of stars, the qualification increases. This allows a more complex job to be accepted. The evaluation system I like particularly well, as it provides a spur delivering good performances in order to be able to handle more demanding orders.

I have already accepted and edited several jobs. These included product descriptions as well as the writing of articles on various topics. However, the platform also provides many other tasks, such as the creation of graphics, translations, searches on all types of topics, and programming. If you accept a suitable job, you have a certain period of time for completing this.

The client then checks the completed job. If the result is satisfactory, the order is released and the money is credited to the personal account at Mylittlejob, then later deposited into your account. The remuneration of the jobs is very good in my opinion, especially considering the time required.

My favorite part of Mylittlejob is that you can work anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re at university, your favorite cafe or on the train. It is completely up to you when and where you want to make money. Particularly at the beginning of the semester or during the semester breaks it is always possible to accept jobs and use your free time wisely. Regularly using the platform also improves your score and the companies even provide feedback on your performance.

Despite the praise, I think that is also clear that the platform has not yet reached its full potential. There are constant new features and improvements added to the platform. However, I would recommend that you simply take a look at the page, signup, and read the various job descriptions. Maybe there is something for you as well! Mylittlejob is gaining popularity, adding bigger and diverse jobs to the platform. I would recommend using Mylittlejob!


Studies Humanities at University of Edinburgh

I was told about the platform Mylittlejob from a friend. She told me before my studies started, so I registered and was able to earn some money before I started school. I’ve been active now for almost a year, however, I get to select when I work.

I can handle jobs for a whole day or do nothing for weeks. If I decide I want to do more jobs, then I can always log back on and see jobs available. I get to decide what jobs I want and have no minimum requirement to complete tasks.

I mainly worke on jobs, which were about copywriting. Writing has always been my pleasure and I am happy that Mylittlejob has these jobs offer. I started with five product descriptions and since then I have written numerous product texts, articles and guidebooks. I especially enjoy the topics that fall into my own interests, like sports or culture in my case. During the research, I am able to learn a lot of new information, which helps me with the training and to bring new ideas and approaches for jobs.

I can also incorporate already existing knowledge into texts. The allocated time is usually more than realistic and I never had to finish anything under time pressure. Also, I find the payment to be very reasonable. I am able to use my money on any activity I want from going to dinner with friends to shopping. I would recommend Mylittlejob!

There are always enough jobs to choose from and the filter is always helpful to search exactly what you’re looking for. The feedback from clients has often helped with providing better results on other jobs. However, it would increase the text quality if more customers were to use the feedback function. In case of problems, the Mylittlejob team is always very helpful and helps constructively with a solution. Both via chat, as well as on the telephone.

Overall, I am very happy with Mylittlejob. The platform allows me to make money spontaneously and work anywhere I want. It is perfect for my student life. I get to decide what jobs I want and have no minimum requirement to compelte tasks.


Studies Media and Communications at University of Westminster

I joined Mylittlejob a little over a year ago when a friend brought to my attention, which then I in return recommended my girlfriend. At this time, I was looking for a small side job to pay for additional things.

Since I am not so flexible in terms of time, as many employers require, the concept of Mylittlejob was very helpful. I can decide freely when I want to do as many jobs and do it comfortable from home, perfect for an night owl like me. I have been using Mylittlejob ever since, especially to finance the extra things I want. You can save up all your jobs and payout at anytime, allowing you to use your account as a savings option. However, payout does take a few days to complete.

The various jobs I have done since I've joined the platform range from simple transcription tasks, to creative work, to writing reviews. Some of the jobs will require a little more time and leisure, but also makes for more fun. The big advantage of the platform is that usually different types of jobs are available, so you can always decide which jobs you have the time for. The time provided is always very generous and you are given some additional time to make up for distractions.

On the platform, however, I would like the company to improve two things. I would like if the jobs the company posts have more flexible due dates. For example, having two weeks to complete a two hour job. In addition would be to have direct contact with the customer after feedback so you can ask for questions or clarifications.


Studied Engineering at University of London

Most students experience the same pressure: unfair lecturers, enormous curriculum, high performance pressure, and sometimes money issues. For this reason, it is helpful to be able to earn money alongside studying. Mylittlejob makes this possible for university students.

For me, Mylittlejob offs the advantage of being bale to accept jobs based on my schedule availability. I found the platform from the newsletter my company sends of reputable companies. After finding the website, I was able to take a quick assessment test and become a member of the workforce.

As a new member of the platform, I didn't have many jobs to chose from. However, when the jobs are done properly I was able to get more jobs that were higher paid. This is because of the ratings the company's give you after a task is completed. The higher rating you have, the better the jobs you can accept. Your star ratings are also displayed on your profile. I mostly worked on tasks that required product texts or content writing.

The fact that you can accept interesting jobs with good topics makes working for Mylittlejob great. The jobs aren't boring and everyone is able to find a job that they like. With some tasks I

Personally, I would like to accept more jobs that allow me to be more creative. Some research tasks are completed with a professional report. It is important that you only accept jobs that are described in details so you can meet the criteria and provide results the client is happy with.

Overall, Mylittlejob is a great platform to earn a bit of money and chose when to work. I was able to buy my textbooks through the money I made from the jobs. I even have extra money to enjoy small trips with friends. I wouldn't be able to do this without Mylittlejob!

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