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Our story

It all began in 2011 when our two founders, Daniel and Marlon, were folding t-shirts as students in the fashion industry. Their careers did not last long - on the second day, they lost their jobs. They quickly realized that some positions are not only inaccessible and demotivating for young talents, but also that few companies offered temp work. They wanted to change the way people were working: that's why they created WorkGenius.

Mission & Vision

We want to establish WorkGenius as a model for the labor market of tomorrow, making it less bureaucratic, more dynamic, and fair. With the help of artificial intelligence, our technology matches students and freelancers with exciting companies worldwide. It learns from work results and job preferences of more than 350,000 vetted talents, called Geniuses, and from 5,000 data points per person - without information on gender, name, and origin.

Our team

One team is global with many talented and dedicated individuals with a diversity of background, experience and differences. All coming together under a common goal that we strongly believe in: to power the future of work.
Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
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