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We believe in a world where talents only work based on their individual skill set. No cost-intensive application processes, no fixed contracts, no room for discrimination. Our mission is to enable people to work independently based solely on their professional skills, while at the same time helping companies to complete projects quickly and efficiently.

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Über 5.000 Kunden vertrauen uns bereits
Über 5.000 Kunden vertrauen uns bereits

How it works

The Workforce

There are over 350,000 registered freelancers on the WorkGenius platform. Our geniuses have numerous talents from different categories: SEO, translations, copywriting, programming, and much more. Based on skill tests, results of completed projects, and customer reviews; our AI-driven technology analyzes over 5,000 data points for each genius. Our geniuses are all evaluated using the same technical criteria - demographics or other values such as appearance, age, and gender are irrelevant.

The Matching
Our technology analyzes each project in terms of its requirements and selects the most suitable genius or a team of several geniuses. The matching process is fully automated to relieve clients and geniuses from the intensive selection and evaluation process.
The Management

WorkGenius technology automates all administrative processes, such as providing quality checked project results, IP transfers, invoicing, and compliance responsibilities. This gives clients and freelancers more time to concentrate on what is important: getting work done.

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Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
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