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Our AI-driven technology sources the most qualified freelancers for your projects through automated matching, saving 86% of overhead versus selecting freelancers manually.

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Über 5.000 Kunden vertrauen uns bereits
Über 5.000 Kunden vertrauen uns bereits

Find the right freelancers

Bye-Bye, time-consuming recruitment processes!

WorkGenius' technology analyzes your projects for success criteria and automatically matches them with qualified freelancers. You never have to click through hundreds of portfolios or go through lengthy negotiations again. The project acceptance process is done with just one click. 

  • Verified and vetted professionals
  • Variety of services
  • ProjectWizard
  • Fully automated matching

Access to the best talent thanks to rigorous vetting

  • Flexible & scalable: Create teams of 1 to 1000 freelancers.
  • Variety of services: Freelancers from a wide variety of services are registered on our platform; our technology will always find the right freelancer for every project.
  • Safe: All freelancers in the WorkGenius Workforce are verified.

ProjectWizard for on point briefings

  • Success guarantee: The briefing wizard ensures that all important elements are included in your briefing so you don't forget any necessary information.
  • Briefing templates: Use pre-vetted briefings and save time.
  • Individual briefings: You can save and reuse your briefings - all in one place.

Automated skill-based matching

  • Fast: Your project will be shared with matched freelancers within a minute, so they can start work immediately.
  • Quality guaranteed: Thanks to skill-based matching, only qualified freelancers can accept your project.
  • Anti-discrimination: The matching process does not account for characteristics like gender, name or origin. At WorkGenius, there is no space for discrimination - only skills and talent.

Find the best option for your project

Choose how you want to work with freelancers

Book a Genius

For when you have a complex project and need the know-how of an expert working on your side synchronously.

  • Suitable Geniuses apply to your project
  • Choose who you want to work with
  • Pay for the booked time

Example: You need the expertise of a marketing manager for one week.

Post a results-based project

For when you want to describe what you need in a Statement of Work (SoW) and can work asynchronously with your freelancer.

  • Your matched Genius can start working immediately
  • You check and approve the result after submission
  • You pay for the result

Example: Translation of an article with 1,500 words.

We had a big project coming up at a very busy time. I can't believe it, but we've actually made it to the finish line, thanks to the help of WorkGenius.

Commerce Editor
Large Publisher

Save time and money when selecting and hiring freelancers

Overview of our features

Access to Workforce

The WorkGenius platform has over 350,000 registered freelancers worldwide (concentrated in the EU and US) who perform tasks for our clients, helping them to successfully complete any project. 

Verification steps

All freelancers registered on our platform go through a multi-level verification process where we verify their identity, experience, skills, and competencies.

Automated, skill-based matching

Our skill-based matching saves you all the work of finding the freelancer, selecting them, and starting the project. Our technology analyzes your briefing and understands what is required of the freelancer. Freelancers are qualified by their hard and soft skills, then checked for availability, so they start working on the project as soon as possible.

Book a Genius

With Book a Genius you can easily handle complex projects where you don’t know all the details from the start. In contrast to the classic job-posting the new feature allows you to book your Genius on a daily basis and exchange information with him/her in your own workspace.

Briefing Generator

Our experience shows that the most frequent reason for misunderstandings is an unclear briefing. Our intelligent briefing generator helps you to create on point briefings in the shortest possible time, giving our technology the necessary information to find suitable freelancers with all necessary skills.

Briefing Templates

We have already created over 250,000 briefings to share in order to provide optimized templates for various jobs - because a coherent briefing is part of our quality assurance.

Results-oriented work

Our technology is results-oriented. This means that we always match the freelancers with your project who are or can be the most suitable (statistical twin) by taking into account data on skills and past performance.

Individual Briefings

You have the ability to create and save your own templates for future briefings. This saves you time by reusing templates in future projects.

Statistical twins

Statistical twins are freelancers who are very likely to produce similar work results to their counterparts. To find them, our technology analyzes over 5 billion data points.

Automatic Pricing

Finding the right price can be difficult, especially if you do not have any experience with your project. Our technology gives you a price proposal based on fixed rates and data from thousands of projects, always finding the idea price for your project.


If things have to go especially fast, you have the ability to prioritize your project. It will be prominently displayed on the freelancer's project list, which increases the chance of even faster acceptance.

No recruitment processes

Recruiting processes for freelancers are time-consuming and expensive - in short; extremely inefficient. With WorkGenius, you can do without these processes completely and concentrate on the really important things.


The KYC (Know Your Customer) check is the modern way to verify the identity of our freelancers. A valid identity card is required for this purpose, so fake profiles or "double" accounts are excluded.

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Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
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