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Our AI-driven technology helps you find the most qualified healthcare experts for your projects, through automated, skill-based matching. This saves you time and money.

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Hire a team from 1 to 100 temps to start immediately on your tasks. On average, each work order published by a client is accepted by a temp on our platform, within 28 minutes.

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Only qualified temps can accept your work assignments, thanks to our proprietary skill-based matching algorithm that analyzes over 5,000 unique data points.

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Thanks to near-total automation, our platform can help reduce and even eliminate the time-consuming aspects of finding and working with temps.

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Below are three examples of profiles you may find on WorkGenius

Christian H.

Nurse Practicioner

Client Satisfaction Rate


Hours worked


Leadership Experience No
Location Ohio
Anna S.

Physician Assistant

Client Satisfaction Rate


Hours worked


Leadership Experience Yes
Location Oklahoma
Best Quality
Mia K.

Physical Therapist

Client Satisfaction Rate


Hours worked


Leadership Experience Yes
Location Colorado

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Primary Therapists


Primary Therapists for an Anxiety Program

Our client urgently needed highly skilled Primary Therapists to provide vital mental health care. They required experts with a Master’s degree, relevant licensure, and a minimum of one year experience in acute care and residential treatment.


Recognizing the immediate need, we swiftly identified and recruited qualified Primary Therapists. Those professionals possessed the necessary qualifications and expertise, ensuring they were well-prepared to excel in the role.


  • Time frame: 11 days

  • Team: 3 new temps