Working with freelancers
made easy

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Our technology delivers benefits to your business

Whether you’re looking for quality freelancers or are already working with your own team, our technology makes the whole process simpler.

  • Better quality candidates
  • Accelerated time-to-value
  • Lower overhead

Eliminate time-consuming recruitment
through automated matching

Automated skill-based matching

Ensure that the best candidates always work on your projects, with many available to start within 28 minutes.

Simplify management through
one interface

Central management

Say goodbye to your Excel sheets. With our single-user interface, you have all relevant information available in one place.

Payment and compliance
made easy

Stay safe

Integrated standardized compliance guidelines and NDAs ensure that you’re legally secure. Plus, you only ever receive one invoice – regardless of whether you’re working with 1 or 1,000 freelancers.