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WorkGenius offers a pioneering end-to-end freelance hiring and management solution on the market. We deliver an innovative technology-based approach to staffing for faster access to vetted talent, at industry-leading rates, with fewer payment and compliance headaches.

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Trusted by over 5,000 businesses
Trusted by over 5,000 businesses

The pioneering end-to-end, freelance hiring and management solution


Get automatically matched with vetted freelancers in under 48 hours

Vetted Professional Freelance Talent

Work exclusively with pre-vetted freelancers that have successfully demonstrated the relevant expertise in your industry. You’ll enjoy:

  • Sophisticated vetting
  • Ongoing performance tracking based on client feedback
  • Automatic verification

Fastest time-to-value in the industry

Our fully automated matching process identifies the ideal freelancer for your assignment and can have them starting within 48 hours.

  • Natural language processing (NLP) extracts required skills from assignment brief
  • Real-time matching of your assignment request to qualified freelancers
  • Automatic availability check

Manage your external workforce in one place

Let our technology do the heavy lifting

We cover sourcing and vetting, as well as workforce management – which means fewer overhead costs for.

  • Powerful-yet-intuitive timesheet tracking
  • Workforce management overview with note-taking functionality
  • Sophisticated performance metrics to ensure you're tracking the best talent

Find, manage, pay–it's that easy

Our intuitive, streamlined interface provides a comprehensive overview of your freelance team and their activities and is packed with powerful features that save you time and energy.

  • State-of-the-art
  • All-in-one platform
  • 360 degrees of automated talent management: find, manage, pay

Centralized payment and compliance

One monthly invoice for all assignments

Whether you work with a single freelancer, or a thousand, you'll always receive one master invoice that covers everyone working on your WorkGenius assignments.

  • Consistent and comprehensive invoicing
  • Centralized payment
  • Freelancers paid within 24 hours

Compliance & Non-Disclosure Agreements

We provide a robust compliance framework that covers NDAs and transfers Intellectual Property (IP) rights over to you, automatically.

  • Freelancers are automatically bound by an NDA under our terms of agreement
  • Global unrestricted IP rights assigned to client
  • 1099/W2 tax forms issued by WorkGenius

Choose what fits you best to get the talent you need at lightning speed

State-of-the-art technology, and vast staffing experience to provide you with the ideal candidate. Get this done by over 200 recruiters and consultants worldwide or directly through the WorkGenius platform.

SOW Engagements

Create smaller projects at ease with tech-enabled briefing templates that let you work together with freelancers asynchronously at scale.

Freelancer Management Software

Benefit from our pioneering end-to-end hiring and management solution. Find, manage and pay your freelancers in one place–it's that easy.

Live Reporting, Budget Control

No more excel spreadsheets. With WorkGenius all your activities are carefully recorded in one place. Manage budgets, create your own cost centers and allow different departments their own budgets.


Our AI-driven technology utilizes automated matching to find you the most qualified candidates within seconds from a pool of vetted freelancers of more than 1M.

Direct Hires

If you are looking for permanent hires, our experienced recruiting specialists are constantly building relationships with candidates to fill your open roles. The neat part: you can use the same technology as before.

Executive Search

Looking to fill a position on your leadership or executive team and above? Our specialized branch of executive consultants are tapped in and will hand pick high-level candidates for you.

Advantage through technology

Find talent fast, in under 48 hours

More than 5 billion data points automatically analyzed across hard and soft skills for the best match.

Work with top-tier talent

Our extensive vetting and proprietary digital systems attract the finest talent, tailored to your particular needs.

More efficient management

Find better freelancers, share them with your colleagues, manage reports and time sheets, pay them compliantly and don’t worry about W2 or 1099s–all within a single powerful platform.

More competitive rates

We achieve dramatic reductions in overheads through technology that eliminates the need for massive mark-ups: from hiring, NDAs, IP rights, KYC, time tracking, and 1099/W2 tax forms.

Objective and unbiased matching

Our technology removes personal details from the algorithm that matches candidates to assignments. The result: a more streamlined approach to hiring the best talent for your project, based solely on merits.

Already working with talent you like?

Our "Bring Your Own Freelancer" feature means you get to integrate external talent into our system through a seamless onboarding process, so there's no disruption to your business.

So for any new project you start with us, the choice is yours: new talent that we match you with, familiar talent you bring in–or both!

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"WorkGenius solves all my issues. We are very happy with the quality of the results. The design was perfectly aligned to our brand guidelines and the final product was ready within 24 hours of posting the projects online."

Lilliana V. Maya
External Marketing and Communications Manager at Apple Leisure Group

This is the future of work.
This is the only end-to-end freelance solution on the market.

72% of companies report improved organizational performance when embracing alternative workforce models. It's time to switch to WorkGenius.

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Erfahre mehr über unsere Technologieund die automatisierte Freelancer-Abwicklung
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Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
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