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Thanks to near-total automation, our platform can help reduce and even eliminate the time-consuming aspects of finding and working with freelancers.

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Christian H.

from $33/h

Top rated results


Hours worked


Average revisions needed 1.7
Responsiveness Medium
Anna S.

From $61/h

Top rated results


Hours worked


Average revisions needed 0.9
Responsiveness Medium
Best Quality
Mia K.

From $88/h

Top rated results


Hours worked


Average revisions needed 0.5
Responsiveness Medium

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SEO texts


Creation of 40 pieces of SEO copy

Our client needed 40 SEO texts with a word count of around 670 words, with a 1 week deadline. We were quickly able to support them with 8 SEO specialists who delivered the texts, within that deadline. The client was so impressed with their work, they retained them over the next 36 months, for additional assignments.


  • Assembling a team of 8 freelancers
  • Writing 40 SEO texts of 670 words each
  • Developed a longterm relationship with this client


  • Time frame: 1 week

  • Team: 8 freelancers


WorkGenius checks all the boxes: intuitive interface, easy transactions and great support. By far the best freelance platform I have ever used. A must-have for every developer.

WorkGenius solves all my issues. We are very happy with the quality of the results. The design was perfectly aligned to our brand guidelines and the final product was ready within 24 hours of posting the projects online.

WorkGenius is a fantastic resource for me and my team. We can trap into our freelancer team in the cloud at any time and get a great result back within 1-2 days. This is extremely helpful for our growth.

Up until this point, 35% of my time as a freelancer had been eaten up with administrative tasks. With WorkGenius, it's down to under 10%.

It's great to have a team of Geniuses that supports me at any time. I'm super happy with the WorkGenius Freelance Solution and the quality and turnaround time of the results.

Any questions?

How can I check the actual skills of the freelancer before I hire them?

Our candidates are given an evaluation by each client they work with after each completed project. This evaluation provides information about the freelancer's performance.

How experienced are the marketing experts on the WorkGenius platform?

You will find freelancers with different seniority levels and experience on our platform. Depending on the project requirements, our technology can help match your project with the appropriate freelancer.

I want my website to rank better on Google. Can WorkGenius freelancers help me?

Yes. The Internet is a big place and it's easy for a business entity to get lost there–which is why search engine optimization (SEO) is so essential. Our freelancers have a lot of SEO experience, and can help you achieve more visibility online, and direct more traffic to your website.

If you wish to optimize your website with the SemRush software, please contact us for more information.

Can WorkGenius deliver search engine optimized product descriptions that are not repetitive?

Yes. To ensure the search engine optimization of your content, we pay special attention to product descriptions to avoid common problems like content duplication and keyword stuffing.

I would like to modernize my company visually. What about the rights of use of the work results?

The rights of use are transferred to you in full as soon as you have confirmed the result and the freelancer has been remunerated. The rights of use are always included in the price you pay, so there are never any additional costs.