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There are over 350,000 registered freelancers
on the WorkGenius platform.

Our candidates bring a variety of skills across multiple categories: SEO, translations, copywriting, programming, and many more.

Our data-driven approach to finding excellent candidates relies on a bespoke mix of AI-driven technology utilizing over 5,000 individual data points for each candidate, skill tests, evaluations from satisfied clients and completed projects, and qualitative customer feedback.

All our candidates are judged on the same criteria–other attributes like demographics, appearance, age, gender or race, are excluded.

The Matching

Our technology analyzes each project according to its requirements and selects the most suitable candidate or candidates, for the job. The matching process is fully automated to minimize the selection and evaluation process.

The Management

WorkGenius technology automates all administrative processes, such as providing quality checked project results, IP transfers, invoicing, and compliance responsibilities. This gives clients and freelancers more time to concentrate on what’s important: getting work done.

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