We are WorkGenius. And this is a look behind our vision.

WorkGenius delivers the most comprehensive and adaptable workforce solutions on the market today, including:

  • A sophisticated technology and AI-based hiring and management platform
  • A trusted network of experienced recruiters and consultants
  • An unrivalled array of hybrid and direct workforce solutions
  • Powerful payroll, onboarding, and management solutions

Don’t delay. Get unlimited access to the highest quality talent on the market today–in record time, and at scale.

Our story

Marlon and Daniel founded what was going to become WorkGenius shortly after having finished their degrees in Finance and Economics. Their initial idea was to bring companies together with students–offering a matching algorithm for students to get better access to companies offering temp work. After their first successful funding rounds they realized that they wanted to change the way all people work–so that's why they created WorkGenius.

Having been successful in Germany, we expanded to the US in 2018 where we acquired JBC in 2022 - a renowned US based staffing firm - proving that the technology we develop is not only cutting-edge but can also enable an entire industry to work more efficiently.

Mission & Vision

No lengthy hiring process, no costly applications, no rigid contracts, and no room for discrimination or favoritism–in our world, only talent talks. That’s just part of what makes us the best-in-class workforce solution – helping talented people work independently, while delivering the flexible support that companies need to become successful.

Our team

We are proud to have a diverse team of more than 250 employees worldwide. Our Headquarters is located in New York with offices in London, Paris, Hongkong and our German headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. 

Erfahre mehr über unsere Technologieund wie Book a Genius funktioniert
Erfahre mehr über unsere Technologieund die automatisierte Freelancer-Abwicklung
Erfahre mehr über unsere Technologieund unser Freelancer-Management
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Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
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