Case study

Case Study on Translation

Computer-assisted Translations of Travel Reports including Editing and Report on Adjustments

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The Challenges

Languages: English into German

Translated word count: 1,910,640

Time frame: 2 weeks

Mandatory qualifications and criteria of our WorkGeniuses: proof of language proficiency by means of successful test

Total number of contributing WorkGeniuses: 100

Delivery of data: five deliveries of 380,000 words each

The customer pre-translated the texts from English into German beforehand with the aid of a translation memory system. Normally, a distinction must be made between Context Matches (101 %), 100 % Matches and Fuzzy Matches. Context Matches aim at identifying and translating individual segments in connection to the ones preceding and following them. Only then will individual segments be pre-translated when the exact set-up of character sequence and formatting has once been translated and confirmed in the translation memory database. 100 % Matches indicate that an individual segment has already been translated and confirmed in the translation memory system. In the case of a pre-translation by Fuzzy Matches, the system searches for a sufficient amount of common content. The match rate may vary between 99 % and 1 %. Usually, the threshold level for helpful Fuzzy Matches ranges from 99 % to a minimum of 70 %. Matches below this percentage usually do not facilitate pre-translations and require a new translation and editing.

In the case at hand, the customer provided a pre-translation with 25 % Fuzzy Matches. Because of the low matching scores, the data was error-prone; therefore, useless. We were challenged to translate and deliver high-quality travel reports comprising nearly two million words within two weeks.

The Solution

A total of 100 WorkGeniuses, all of which have demonstrated a sufficient level of English language proficiency, translate the travel reports. Through the assignment of a considerable workforce, we can ensure meeting the two-week deadline. Initially, the travel reports are translated anew from English into German, using a computer-assisted solution. Afterwards, another WorkGenius is responsible for proofreading and editing those results within the source files, so that every single change can be easily tracked and understood. Light post-editing is used to check for grammar, spelling, country-specific characteristics and adherence to tonality. With these methods, we were able to initiate the processing of 1.5 million words within 48 hours and a daily average of 136,474 words translated and proofread. We managed to translate and deliver a total of around 10,413 text pages in ten days.

1,910,640 words, one happy client


  1. The customer communicates the details of the project. The project manager defines the tasks and requirements as stated by the customer and compiles a briefing.
  2. The texts are sectioned into individual translation assignments. The project manager uploads the assignments onto the WorkGenius platform. The algorithm matches them with suitable translators.
  3. Numerous WorkGeniuses with sufficient language proficiency accept the tasks simultaneously and start working on translating the texts. Computer-assisted and according to the respective briefings.
  4. The translation results are gathered and placed onto the WorkGenius platform as individual jobs so that the algorithm can match them with suitable editors.
  5. The translated and edited texts are included in the source documents so that the alterations undertaken are easy to understand.
  6. The final translations are delivered to the customer serially, according to the deadlines agreed upon.

Advantages of using WorkGenius

  • Scalable project scope
  • Flexible workforce on demand
  • Ensured quality
  • Fast and on time delivery of results
  • Full service including support of project manager in all processes (from the preparation of briefings to the matching of translators and delivery of results)
A successful multi-stage project


An average of 136,474 words translated and proofread daily.

A total of 100 freelancers used their editing and translation skills for the project.

100 % on time delivery of results.

At least 40-60 % less employee-time spent on hire-related tasks with WorkGenius' full service.

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