Case study

1,910,640 words translated in 2 weeks

  • WorkGenius’ full-service combination of AI and human intelligence helped save our client from a machine translation disaster
  • Our skilled project managers can break your larger job into smaller tasks for multiple workers – which means faster delivery
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WorkGenius project management in action

The kickoff

WorkGenius project managers discuss the project with the client, gather requirements, and set milestones. They determine that the project can be separated into 2 categories of job — translation and proofreading – and multiple batches, which can be worked on sequentially and concurrently. They then begin separating the content into individual translation jobs and creating listings for each using the WorkGenius Job Wizard.

A distributed workforce gets results faster

The process

WorkGenius' matching algorithm matches the translation jobs with qualified WorkGenius translators, who start working right away. When the translations are ready, the freelancers submit their results through the WorkGenius dashboard, where the results are reviewed for quality by peer mentors and our project management team.

Once the translation results are verified and approved, project managers collect them into new assignments for proofreading. As these are ready to go, project managers post new proofreading jobs, and the jobs are matched with the appropriate WorkGenius editors. Since, with multiple workers, the translation and editorial work overlaps, the project gets done much faster.

As the editing results come in, project managers incorporate the translated and edited text back into the source documents with changes tracked and commented, and deliver it to the client in pre-arranged milestones.

1,910,640 words, one happy client

The results

Every milestone was delivered on time or early, with positive feedback about the results. WorkGenius provided usable, professional translations, and the client was able to meet their deadlines for global content launch.

A successful multi-stage project

Results by the numbers

136,474 words per day translated and proofread, on average

100 total freelancers used their editing and translation skills for the project

100% on time or early deliveries of milestones

At least 40-60% less employee time spent on hiring-related tasks with WorkGenius full service

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