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The Situation

The Challenge

In order to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market, a leading travel agency called for a complete refresh of their online content despite having almost no internal resources to do so. Additionally, the agency hoped to increase their international footprint and required the online content to be translated into 4 different languages.

WorkGenius Solution

Within 24 hours, WorkGenius enabled 2,000 vetted Geniuses to start researching, writing, and translating 22,500 hotel descriptions to brand specifications. Our Geniuses were able to work simultaneously on our platform to cut project turnaround significantly and saved the client $479k internal costs.

“WorkGenius created 5,000 product descriptions for us in a super short time, simultaneously engaging over 100 vetted copywriters. The results are great and we expect a significant traffic increase."

-eCommerce Coordinator

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