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How you benefit from a professionally created company profile

A company profile basically fulfils the same functions as an applicant's CV. The aim is to present the company to potential customers, business partners, suitable candidates for an open position or to the public in general, to inform them about the business model, the corporate culture as well as the services and offers and to distinguish them from the mass of competitors. You should give an overview of your company's history and future goals, give key data on your successes, address characteristics and important values and emphasize qualities that distinguish your company from other competitors in your branch.

A company profile can be distributed and used in different ways on various platforms. The most obvious option is to integrate an extensive and detailed profile on your own website and in your own social media channels. But also short descriptions for business directories, presentations or a portfolio are very common. Press releases and entries in a Wikipedia are another possibility to publish your company profile and adapt it to the corresponding conditions.

An informative and meaningful company profile helps you to increase the awareness of your company, to distinguish yourself from your competitors and to win new customers. Especially for new and as yet unknown companies or brands creating a company profile is a fairly simple and effective way to improve your branding and increase your presence on the Internet. It gives your company character, creates transparency and thus trust with potential customers. An attractive company profile can also contribute to the identification of your customers and potential new employees with the company. The information and data you contribute to your company profile is also particularly important for SEO optimization of your online presence and thus helps to improve your search engine ranking.

What a company profile should contain and what to consider

Of interest to customers or applicants are, among other things, certain historical key data, significant successes and activities, co-operations with other companies or well-known customers. You should outline your company's strategy and goals and mention any specializations within your business field as well as nominations and awards. If you are present at several locations, this should also be described.

The facts and characteristics of your company have to be structured reasonably and processed in one large or several smaller texts. The detail of your company profile naturally depends on where you exhibit it and which target group you want to address. In any case, you must make it possible to experience what your company has to offer and why it can be interesting for the reader. Images, videos and graphics can help to lighten up the text and underline certain statements about your company.

You should make sure that the content is always understandable. Too many technical terms can, for example, have a deterrent effect on customers who are not familiar with the subject. Under no circumstances should the profile be exaggerated with statements that are too general or meaningless. In order to be always up to date, certain information such as the number of employees, your plans for the future or the like should always be up to date. A regular review also has a positive effect on the SEO optimization of your website.

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