How much time do you waste managing your freelancers?

Time is money: Complete automation means using our platform eliminates the time-consuming processes of working with freelancers. 

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Trusted by over 5,000 businesses
Trusted by over 5,000 businesses

From matching to management

We make managing freelancers seamless

"Only 8% of companies have established processes for managing their freelancers."

If you don't want to be among the other 92%, our platform is the only end-to-end solution bringing structure to freelance management in a single interface. You’re already working with freelancers? No problem - with BYOF, you can invite your freelancers to WorkGenius and streamline your administration. 

  • Single-User Interface
  • JobWizard and quality assurance
  • Bring your own freelancers

Single-User Interface

  • End-to-end solution: "Remind me who that good freelancer we used last year was?" Put an end to searching for past orders or freelancers. With WorkGenius' platform, you always keep track of all your activities.
  • Timesheets: Keep full cost control by setting maximum budgets for your jobs. You're only billed for actual working hours.
  • Wallets: Manage your budgets and create wallets for different projects. This ensures you always have an overview of your expenses across different projects. Shared wallets also allow you to share budgets with other team members.

Quality control

  • JobWizard: With our integrated briefing generator, you create accurate briefings with minimal effort.
  • Job history: Evaluating freelancers is often subjective and isn't recorded. With integrated job history, you always have an overview of past jobs. For example, you can access old jobs and use them as templates for new projects, saving you time.
  • Rating history: Never lose good freelancers again! Rating history gives you a summary of all your past ratings.

Build up your workforce

  • BYOF: With "Bring your Own Freelancer," you can invite your own freelancers to the WorkGenius platform, minimizing your management efforts.
  • Expert teams: Create expert teams and, if necessary, only assign your jobs to freelancers you were already satisfied with.

WorkGenius is a fantastic resource for me and my team. We can trap into our freelancer team in the cloud at any time and get a great result back within 1-2 days. This is extremely helpful for our growth.

Kevin Stockton
Director of Sales at ValuSource

Automate your freelance management now

Reduce your overhead and save time and money

Single-user interface

Bye-bye excel sheets! WorkGenius' platform provides you a simple overview with a quick summary of your current and past projects. This way, you can keep track of all important information.

Job history

When working with several freelancers, you can quickly lose track. So we integrated your job history on our platform. This gives you a compact overview of your past jobs, so that you can always track which jobs were completed by which freelancer.

Rating history

No more inefficient searches for the best freelancers from your past projects. Our intuitive interface offers you a historical overview of your project evaluations. This way, you always have an eye on which freelancers you were satisfied with and use them for new projects, or assign them directly to your expert teams.


You should always only pay for the time the freelancer actually needs for your job. But sometimes it is difficult to predict how much time a job will take. With the timesheet feature, you can easily set a maximum budget. The freelancer enters the time they work, and you only pay for those hours worked.

Expert teams

Were you satisfied with the results from a freelancer? You can easily add them to your team of experts and use them in later projects. Create expert teams for different areas of expertise and have jobs completed by freelancers you are most satisfied with.


Bring your own Freelancer offers you the opportunity to invite your own freelancers to the WorkGenius platform and work with them in addition to our pool of registered freelancers. This makes it easier for you to manage your freelancers, and you can benefit from advantages like automated invoicing, the creation of expert teams, and our comprehensive compliance structure.


Wallets help you manage your budget. Easily create wallets for different projects or clients. This way you never lose track of your expenses and budgets, even if you have many projects.

Shared Wallets

With the Shared Wallet feature, you can share wallets you have created with colleagues or other departments. This allows them to easily access budgets and use them for their jobs and projects. At the same time, you always have an overview of how credits are being used.

Messaging Feature

E-mail "ping-pong" is tiring and quickly becomes confusing, especially when working with several freelancers. With our messaging feature, you can communicate quickly and easily with your freelancer via an integrated chat. Clarify your communication and get clearly arranged intermediate results or give feedback.

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