Quality is paramount. That is why all of our experts take an assessment test and are continuously evaluated after each assignment. All tasks are verified by another pair of experienced eyes to ensure you get the quality you need - always.


Every expert has to pass our assessment test to work on WorkGenius. Using our intuitive Web Tool , we ensure that you have provided all relevant information and results can be delivered seamlessly.


Want to add an extra layer of quality guarantee? Have the results verified by another expert. Our Task Bot assigns jobs automatically to experience experts to verify the results. No interaction from your end needed.

Further Qualifications

Student Level Light


Matched to all experts. Recommended for simple tasks.

Student Level Standard


Experienced experts with great reviews. Great for everyday tasks.

Student Level Premium


The best of the best. Recommended for more complex tasks.

Our solutions for companies

If you have a large number of tasks but don't have the time to set them up, control, and evaluate them on our platform, then Enterprise Solution could be the best option for you. This service provides additional premium treatments. Switch to Enterprise today. Go to Enterprise

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