Our Team

We select the best employees for our mission, the way we carefully select freelancers to manage our customer's projects. Every member of the WorkGenius team has played an important part in our success. Together we look forward to achieving more goals.

Why are we doing this?

Smart people worldwide have the knowledge and desire to make money. Enterprises need knowledgeable workers and need flexibility to stay competitive. The most demanding jobs require a time-consuming application procedure and selection process, which is why many talented people resort to waiting tables or babysitting.

Our Vision

WorkGenius creates an international platform matching digital tasks instantly to qualified and available talent around the globe. This saves company administrative efforts and gives certainty about quality of results at unprecedented speed. People can gain work experience and are judged by their results not irrelevant characteristics and safe from unconscious biases.

Our Mission

Our technology connects thousands of clients to hundreds of thousands of talented experts and facilitates an easy way to work together. Vast amounts of data and our algorithms make hiring decisions in split seconds to connect the right talent to the right task. We apply machine learning methods to improve many KPIs, aiming for a seamless transaction for experts and clients alike. Companies tackle lack of internal capacity or know how with a skilled, curated on demand workforce.

Join us!

Do you want to work in a fast pace environment? Do you have ideas and want to take ownership of your work? Do you want to work in cross-disciplinary teams? Join us in one of our locations!


Talented employees are key to every enterprise. We create a global talent score to level the playing field for best selection practice.

Daniel Barke

CEO and Co-Founder


Discovering hidden talent, disconnected from self-marketing and exposing this talent to opportunity, contributes to the success of enterprises and to social mobility globally.

Marlon Litz-Rosenzweig

CEO and Co-Founder


We love to help our client be more efficient when it comes to large projects or day to day operations.

Hannes Wagner

Head of Sales

is now

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