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Do you need support from freelancers with multiple years of management experience and extensive expertise in a specific field? Do you want to work with and manage multiple freelancers through a single platform? Our Top 1% Talents can help you with your most important projects that require technical expertise and multi-year of management experience.

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Trusted by over 5,000 businesses
Trusted by over 5,000 businesses

Benefit from the advantages of our technology

Access to Top 1% Talents

Our technology gives you access to qualified Top 1% Talents with years of professional and management experience. Using artificial intelligence, we analyze around 5,000 data points to find the most suitable top 1% of talent in a specified category for your project.

Process optimization

Our technology makes working with Top 1% Talents easier by reducing administrative processes to a minimum. Using artificial intelligence, we find the most suitable Top 1% Talents for your project in the shortest possible time. Also, you can manage all your Top 1% Talents and other freelancers via our platform and process their payment efficiently.


Our Top 1% Talent Community allows you to interact with other companies and other exceptional freelance performers. Benefit not only from the advantages of our technology but also from the exchange with different personalities in our community. Expand your network with bright minds from various industries.

Outstanding skills of our Top 1% Talents

Our Top 1% Talents have extensive technical expertise and years of management experience. They represent the best qualified 1% of the freelancers on our platform, so their skills speak for themselves. To ensure that our Top 1% Talents meet your requirements, they must meet one of the following criteria, verified through background checks and personal interviews.

  • 6 years of experience in a high-ranking consulting firm
  • 6 years of clear focus on a specific industry, and a track record of leadership
  • 8 years of clear focus on a particular industry or skillset
  • 4 years as a managing director

Meet our Top 1% Talents

So far I have spent about 35% of my time as a freelancer with administrative tasks. Since using WorkGenius, I have been able bring this down to 10%.

Oliver Treubel
Freelance Editor and Genius

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Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
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