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Workgenius offers the only fully automated end-to-end freelance solution to accelerate time to value, guarantee quality results, and reduce overhead.

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Über 5.000 Kunden vertrauen uns bereits
Über 5.000 Kunden vertrauen uns bereits

The only end-to-end freelance solution


Automatically match with qualified freelancers

Quality results by vetted freelancers

Work exclusively with pre-vetted freelancers that have successfully completed skill-based assessments and demonstrated relevant industry expertise.

  • Sophisticated vetting
  • Cognitive & non-cognitive skill assessments
  • Automatic verification
  • Ongoing feedback for talent development

Fastest time to value in the industry

Our fully automated matching process finds the best freelancer for your project and has them start working in less than 28 minutes. No proposal, portfolio review, or negotiation required.

  • NLP extracts required skills from project brief
  • Project matched to qualified freelancer
  • Sophisticated price engine calculates fixed rates

Frictionless management of remote freelancers

Less overhead required

Let our technology do the heavy lifting for you. We cover sourcing and vetting, as well as workforce management.

  • Project brief generator
  • Automatic timesheet tracking
  • Built-in QA review by 2nd freelancer

Streamlined user interface

Comprehensive overviews of your freelancers' activities in a single interface eliminate the need for micromanagement.

  • All-in-one platform
  • Intuitive design
  • 360°: find, manage, pay

Built-in payment & compliance framework

Centralized payment

No matter if you work with 1 or 1000 freelancers, you'll always receive one invoice that covers all freelancers for approved projects.

  • Consistent invoicing
  • Freelancers paid within 24 hours
  • One monthly invoice for all projects

Compliance & NDA

We provide a robust compliance framework that covers NDAs and transfers IP rights.

  • Freelancers automatically under NDA
  • Global unrestricted IP rights assigned to client
  • 1099 tax forms issued by WorkGenius

Advantages through technology

Better Quality Freelancers

More than five billion data points analyzed across hard and soft skills for the best match.

Accelerated Time to Value

Automated matching finds qualified freelancers within 28 minutes.

Less Overhead

We reduce overhead by handling all aspects of working with freelancers: NDAs, IP rights, KYC, time tracking, and 1099 tax forms.

Non biased matching

The matching process does not account for characteristics like gender, name or origin. At WorkGenius, there is no space for discrimination - only skills and talent.

Do you already work with your own team of freelancers?

We can help here, too.

Our "Bring Your Own Freelancer" feature allows you to keep working with your existing freelance team on top of potentially newly sourced freelancers from our talent pool. Both pools can easily be managed in your WorkGenius dashboard and are covered with one invoice.

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"WorkGenius solves all my issues. We are very happy with the quality of the results. The design was perfectly aligned to our brand guidelines and the final product was ready within 24 hours of posting the projects online."

Lilliana V. Maya
External Marketing and Communications Manager at Apple Leisure Group

This is the future of work.
This is the only end-to-end freelance solution.

72% of companies report improved organizational performance when embracing alternative workforce models. 

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Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
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