A better way to freelance: Spend time working, not looking for work.

We believe in a world where people can monetize their talents in a self-determined way - based on individual qualifications. Without time-intensive application processes, without fixed contracts, and above all, without discrimination.

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Über 5.000 Kunden vertrauen uns bereits
Über 5.000 Kunden vertrauen uns bereits

From acquisition to payment

Bye-bye, time-consuming project searches!

WorkGenius' technology analyzes available projects for success criteria and requirements and automatically matches them to qualified freelancers. Projects matching your qualifications are automatically listed for you. Don't waste your time again with lengthy application processes and negotiations.

  • Automated skill-based matching
  • Project acceptance with just one click
  • No price negotiation
  • Payment within 48 hours

Automated customer acquisition

  • Skill-based matching: You will only be shown projects that match you and your skill set.
  • Project acceptance with one click: Accept suitable projects with just one click and start working immediately.
  • No price negotiation: The compensation is directly visible in your project list, without any negotiation.
  • Expert Teams: Convince customers and be added to expert teams. This gives you access to exclusive projects.

Optimize your Workflow

  • Single-User-Interface: With our intuitive and clear interface you always have all relevant information at hand: Clients, projects, to-do's, account balance, history.
  • Flexible: Stay completely flexible and work when you want, where you want and as much as you want.
  • Complete Briefings: Briefings are often inaccurate. Our JobWizard helps customers to create uniform briefings that contain all requirements. This way, the criteria for success are immediately apparent to you and there is no need for subsequent, often time-consuming, communication.
  • Project-Rating & History: Get a rating for each project and become an expert in your field. With the project history you can also easily track past jobs.

Never wait for your customers to pay again

  • Payment within 48 hours: If your project is successful, you will always receive your payment within 48 hours, regardless of payment terms.
  • No invoicing: Do not waste your time writing bills! We take care of the invoicing for you, so that you can completely concentrate on the project handling.
  • Payment requests: Make payment requests to your customers via the platform and receive your payment quickly and without writing invoices.

So far I have spent about 35% of my time as a freelancer with administrative tasks. Since using WorkGenius, I have been able to reduce this to 10%.

Oliver Treubel
Freelance Editor and Genius

Spend your time with things that are worthwhile for you

Our features in the overview

Automated, skill-based matching

Lengthy application processes and negotiations often make order acquisition difficult and time-consuming.  With our skill-based matching process, there is no need for you to do any job acquisition at all, because projects that match you and your qualifications are automatically displayed.

Project acceptance with one click

Applications and negotiations in job acquisition cost time. With WorkGenius, you can use this valuable time already for project processing, because project acceptance is a one-click process.

Matching projects to Skills

Suitable projects are listed in your personal project list, which you can sort according to your needs: categories, BYOF, expert teams or favourite clients. The most important information is always visible at a glance: project title, working hours, compensation. You decide yourself whether the hard facts suit you.

No price negotiations

Price negotiations are time consuming and not always favorable for either party. With WorkGenius, pay is directly visible in the project list, so that you always know exactly what payment you can expect.

Expert teams

Convince customers and become part of expert teams and gain access to exclusive projects.


Become an expert in your fields and make this visible to future clients. For each project the client has to give a rating.

Complete Briefings

Briefings are often inaccurate, so that subsequent and time-consuming communication with the client is necessary. With our standardized briefings you will find all relevant information about the project right from the start: Briefing, attachments, compensation, deadline.


It is important to keep an overview. Therefore, our platform offers a clear interface with all the information that is relevant for you: To-Dos, account balance, project list, history. You will always be up to date on what the current work step for your job looks like.

Project history

With the project history you also keep track of past jobs and can track them easily if necessary.

Payment within 48 hours

Liquidity and transparency are important, especially as a freelancer. Therefore you will receive your money within 48 hours. Completely independent of the payment terms of your customers.

No invoicing necessary

Do not waste your time writing bills. Invoicing to the customer is always done automatically via WorkGenius.

Payment Requests

Do you also do platform-independent jobs or do you have to settle travel expenses for a project? With the Payment Requests feature you can quickly and easily request payments from your customer - we take care of the rest.

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Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
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