Got data cemeteries? With our data managers, your data is maintained and not buried.

Concentrate on your core tasks while our data scientists take care of your data projects.

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Trusted by over 5.000 businesses
Trusted by over 5.000 businesses

Data management made fast and easy

Concentrate on the important things and leave the data management to our specialists
Automated matching
In an average of 28 minutes, our AI-supported technology finds qualified data managers for your data projects.
Quality assurance
Only qualified freelancers can work on your project. You only pay when you're satisfied.
Efficient processes
Our technology takes over time-consuming process steps, so you can concentrate on your core tasks and receive only one result and one invoice.
Full flexibility
Individual teams of 1 to 1000 freelancers immediately start processing and implementing your tasks to complete them in record time.

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WorkGenius is a fantastic resource for me and my team. We can tap into our freelancer team in the clouds at any time and get a great result back within 1-2 days. This is extremely helpful for our growth.

Kevin Stockton
Director of Sales at ValuSource

Any questions?

  • I have a lot of analog data that needs to be digitized? Can WorkGenius help me with this?

    Digitizing and processing analog data is usually a lengthy process and is not always a top priority for many companies. In order to make the step into digitalization nevertheless, our customers gladly fall back on the support of our geniuses. Since this work is usually done on site, our key account managers will be happy to advise you on this.

  • Can WorkGenius also help if I have a pure hard work that does not require the skillset of a professional freelancer?

    Especially monotonous works, which may not be particularly challenging at first glance, but which cost a lot of time, our geniuses will gladly take over from you. Our freelancers have different levels of experience and also take over diligent work conscientiously.

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