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Do you find researching data time-consuming and tedious? Our researchers will find what you need. Automated, fast, and flexible.

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Über 5.000 Kunden vertrauen uns bereits
Über 5.000 Kunden vertrauen uns bereits

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From lead research to mystery shopping, our technology finds the right freelancer for your projects
Automated Matching
Our AI-driven technology finds the most qualified researchers for your projects through automated, skill-based matching. This saves you time and money.
Full flexibility & speed
Individual teams of 1 to 1,000 freelancers start immediately with the processing and implementation of your tasks. On average, orders are accepted within 28 minutes.
Quality Assurance
Through skill-based matching and the analysis of over 5,000 data points, only qualified freelancers can accept your assignment.
Efficient process operation
Thanks to complete automation, using our platform eliminates time-consuming processes for you when working with freelancers.

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"WorkGenius solves all my issues. We are very happy with the quality of the results. The design was perfectly aligned to our brand guidelines, and the final product was ready within 24 hours of posting the projects online."

Lilliana V. Maya
External Marketing and Communications Manager at Apple Leisure Group

Any questions?

  • How many and what attributes can I expect in lead research?

    Lead research at WorkGenius can be as extensive as you need it to be. The required attributes are freely selectable and are reliably researched by our Geniuses. Just keep in mind that even our freelancers (might) reach their limits with the personal phone number in the C-level area.

  • Can I also have keywords and product attributes researched?

    Any type of research that can be done remotely is conceivable, and our Geniuses are happy to do it.

  • Can I reach very specific target groups with WorkGenius?

    Thanks to our technology and our large pool of talented freelancers, it is possible to find more specialized groups. If you have difficulties reaching the right freelancers, our key account managers will be happy to assist you.

  • How is the confidentiality of freelancers legally regulated?

    All freelancers who work on our platform accept our confidentiality agreement. The confidentiality of the freelancers is thus guaranteed.

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Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
Learn more about our technology
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