Refine Remote Workforce Training with WorkGenius Onboarding Academy

Training a new remote workforce is no easy feat – we know this from first-hand experience. As an innovative solution to global businesses, WorkGenius needed to grow its workforce quickly and get new hires up to speed as fast as possible. But for as much as we wanted, this process couldn’t happen overnight.

After countless hours invested in understanding the training needs of our new talent, we developed our training methodology. We iterated and produced training content in efficient formats that empower new team members to reach maximum productivity. This knowledge is the core of our WorkGenius Onboarding Academy (WOA).

Today, our new employees go through a professional training system that sets them up for success and furthers our mission as a company. Leadership dedicates a vast amount of time into the onboarding week since it pays off in the long run. Dedicating time is the most valuable management resource but it can pay off big.

Goal of WOA

Our sophisticated product targets a goal-oriented clientele in need of innovative solutions to their freelancing needs. For a groundbreaking company like ours, getting new hires up and running quickly is crucial to our growth. We depend on a talented team that is equipped with knowledge and tools to position WorkGenius as an industry leader in these times of change.

Our advancement as a company rests on the success of well-trained staff that champions the cutting-edge approach of our complex features and the value proposition of our product’s supplemental benefits. When you take talent development seriously, the results are impressive.

WOA Curriculum Outline

The key to our tremendous success with WOA is the program’s structured approach. Filled with diverse sessions, our system covers it all. We adapt to a mixture of learning styles that work with our talents’ strengths. Using visual, aural, verbal, logical, social and solitary techniques, we shorten our new staff’s learning curve and support achievement. Covering a range of topics from theoretical knowledge to practical sales and emotional intelligence, we foster a positive mindset to instill a company culture of productivity and business acumen within a remote environment.

The training concludes with a diagnostic exam that shows areas of improvement for each participant. Upon completion of WOA, all graduates know exactly how to continue training on their own and feel inspired by what is to come after their WOA education. Of course, no culmination would be complete without a well-deserved celebration.

We take pride in the evolution of our robust workforce trained to deliver results in a remote working environment. And the success of our team members speaks for itself. Among our first WOA group of trainees and Sales Development Representative (SDR) Danielle who crushed it by getting off-ramp within 3 short weeks instead of the 2 months a usual ramp consists of. Since then, she has had an average monthly attainment of 150% and quickly earned a promotion after 3 months with us.

Further, successful team members like Jeremy exceeded quota in two of his first three months as Account Executive, and is on the verge of taking over management responsibilities as Sales Development Manager. Similarly, Bianca is an SDR who completed our fourth WOA program and also exceeded her quota in her first 2 months. Since then, she has achieved an average of 110% goal attainment.

With these amazing results, we are beyond excited to see what our most recent group of trainees is sure to achieve. With an integral curriculum to back our driven team, the possibilities are endless.

The current pandemic has only come to accelerate the clear trend toward a digital workforce. While this progression brings many benefits for all parties involved, it does come with a set of challenges for management and trainers. With our carefully developed training program, WOA cultivates and promotes productivity in a remote workforce. We play on our team’s strengths and use a highly structured learning program proven to help new hires hit productivity earlier. By implementing this tried and tested curriculum, your teams can quickly adapt to new training environments with innovative systems that deliver the growth you are looking for. Get ahead of the curve and empower your organization with the tools to succeed in the digital era.

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