WorkGenius acquires Expertlead

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Empowering Your Freelance Journey with more Opportunities

What the acquisition means for you

More Projects

With the combined clientele of WorkGenius and Expertlead, freelancers can anticipate a significant increase in available projects. This expanded pool ensures diverse opportunities, catering to a range of skills and expertise.​

Faster Matching

By harnessing the combined power of WorkGenius’s and Expertlead’s advanced technologies, freelancers benefit from an unprecedented synergy. They will experience rapid and precise matching, connecting them to projects that align seamlessly with their unique skill set and expertise.​


Say goodbye to tedious administrative tasks. Our enhanced platform automates back-office functions, streamlining invoicing processes, and ensuring timely and accurate payments for completed projects.​

Global payments

No more conversion hassles. With our global reach and commitment to legal compliance, freelancers can receive payments directly in their local currency, ensuring convenience and adhering to all regional financial regulations.​

How It Works

1. Seamless Registration Process

No registration hassle needed. With your consent, we’ll smoothly transfer your data.

2. Review Your Profile

Your Expertlead profile data will be seamlessly transferred. Take a moment to review your information and update key details like skills, experience level, title, daily or hourly rate, and references. This empowers us to tailor the best opportunities for you.

3. Get started

Utilize our advanced matching technology to explore a range of freelance roles across various companies. Browse through the options and select the roles that resonate with you. Your freelance journey is about to take off!

Understanding the Expertlead Acquisition: What It Means for Freelancers​

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this acquisition mean for Expertlead freelancers?​
This acquisition signifies a merging of strengths. As an Expertlead freelancer, you'll have access to a broader range of opportunities and cutting-edge tools, thanks to the combined resources of both platforms.​
Will there be any changes to the registration or onboarding process?​
For existing Expertlead freelancers, there will be no need to register. Your data will be transferred, given your approval.​
How will the payment structure and rates be affected, if at all?​
There will be no immediate changes to the payment structure or rates. We remain committed to ensuring fair and competitive compensation for our freelancers.​
What new opportunities will be available for Expertlead freelancers with this acquisition?​
With WorkGenius’s global clientele, Expertlead freelancers can expect a wider range of projects, spanning different industries and regions.​
Will there be any changes to the project assignment process?​
We're working on streamlining the project assignment process to offer a unified experience. More details will be shared soon.​
How will the live coding assessment process be integrated with WorkGenius?​
The renowned live coding assessment from Expertlead will become an integral part of our evaluation tools, elevating the quality of matches between projects and tech freelancers. Test results from previous Expertlead assessments will not be lost but transferred to your WorkGenius profile​
How will communication and support be handled for freelancers post-acquisition?​
We're setting up a dedicated support team to assist Expertlead freelancers during this transition, ensuring seamless communication and guidance at every step. You can reach out to​
Are there any upcoming webinars, training, or orientation sessions to familiarize with the WorkGenius platform and its features?​
Yes, we have planned a series of webinars and training sessions over the coming months. Dates and details will be shared with you via email.​
How can freelancers provide feedback or voice concerns regarding the acquisition and any subsequent changes?​
Our support team is available to address any concerns, feedback, and questions you might have.​
What happens with ongoing projects that I started as an Expertlead freelancer?​
Don´t worry – all your project information will be transferred to your WorkGenius account. You will be able to track your time and get paid in your WorkGenius account.​

WorkGenius Group

WorkGenius Group is the global talent solution for today’s fluid labor market. We leverage our technology and recruiter network to provide freelance, contract, and perm hiring solutions – all based on our AI powered client and talent interface.​​

JBC, Janou Pakter, WorkGenius, and now Expertlead are currently part of the WorkGenius Group.​

We have decades of experience in your industry and plenty of strategic market intelligence, but most importantly we know that what sets us apart is our focus on people first. This focus isn’t just to find that one perfect person for a job, it’s to help shape organizations person by person as the building blocks of your future.​

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